Elena Akimova, master of contemporary interiors, works more as an artist than a designer - in her interiors Elena creates astonishing worlds, where ancient ideas of golden ratio (ideal proportions) coincide with playfulness of postmodernism and crossing of cultural traditions of Old Europe, Russia, and contemporary ideas how home could look like for man who lives here and now.

This home could be a private house, or other space: for example, the interior of a psychiatric clinic in Vienna designed by Elena is full of artistic objects and rare books, where the dialogue between past and present creates a unique comfort zone full of life and inspiration, bringing an idea of the future. In Elena’s interiors outstanding contemporary objects are in constant dialogue with artefacts of the past, and rare books co-exist with contemporary visual culture. The gift to connect past, present and future in one space indeed represents the ideal of quantum physics, which becomes alive in creations of Elena Akimova.

Svetlana Marich

Worldwide Deputy Chairman

Phillips Auction House

“ So many times I have seen her transform spaces merely by rearanging paintings in a different lay- out – like an exhibition curator – telling a fascinating story about these works, their interaction with the environment, inspiration and creativity...things that are very important in her world.”

Marina Sitnina

Director of Corporate Art Collection


“Elena Akimova is a rare example of a Russian designer who freely combines East and West, tradition- al and high-end materials, modern and contemporary. There is an individuality touch in each piece in her design. Her interiors are always full of art; her designs is art on its own.”

Irina Stepanova

Managing Director

Sotheby’s Russia

“Elena loves and creates beauty”
“She is a perfect listener”

Georg Smolka

Gallery owner, Master of frame art

Gallery Smolka Wien